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Itrumbull genealogy, 


#leamng0 in i^ngltsl) Ixdhs. 





1 895. 

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Reprixted from the 
Xkw EnTtLaxi) Historical and (texealogical Register, 189o. 

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Theee is probably no family among om* early colonial and revo- 
lutionary stock which has contributed so many distinguished men to 
their country's service in so many widely varied walks of life as the 
Trumbulls — preeminent among statesmen, warriors, divines, poets, 
painters and historians, the fame of the family must still rest, as its 
most enduring monument, on the patriot Governor of Connecticut 
whose nickname of "Brother Jonathan," affectionately given him 
by Washington, will ever stand as the prototype of American man- 
hood and patriotism. 

That so little has ever been done to substantiate the ancestry of 
so notable a family seems a grave omission on the part of our his- 
torians, and I esteem it a privilege to be able to throw some light on 
the obscurity which has thus far enveloped its origin. 

As is well known to aU who have taken an interest in the sub- 
ject, there were two John Trumbulls (or Trumble, as the name was 
then generally written) in the Massachusetts Colony at an early day, 
and there has been no little confusion regarding them among gene- 
alogists. As a matter of fact, however, there was no connection 
whatever between them, and nothing has ever been discovered that 
would indicate that they were even known to one another. They 
were : 

I. — John Trumble, Cooper, of Roxbury in 1639, and among the first mem- 
bers of Mr. Eliot's Church there, and the following year (13 
May 1640) made freeman of Rowley. He brought to this country 
a wife Ellen and son John.* 

II. — John Trumble, Mariner, of Cambridge in 1636, was also made a 
freeman in 1640, and removed to Charlestown in 1655. He had 
wife Elizabeth ; perhaps married here.f 

There has always been a family tradition attributing the origin of 
one or both of them to Newcastle on Tyne in England, and this at 
length found confirmation in a power of attorney of Susan Blackiston 
of Newcastle on Tyne, widow, dated 27 August 1653, to Joanna Scill 
of New England, to recover for her, inter alia, a debt dating from 
1637, of John' Trumble, cooper, late of Newcastle on Tyne, and 

* Savage, iv., 336; Essex Ins. Hist. Coll., xxiv., 55. 

t Savage, op. cit. ; Wyman's Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown, II., 954 ; Paige's 
Hist. Camb., p. 672. 

now of New England.* This gave us the evidence that it was the 
cooper and not the mariner who was from Newcastle, while the will 
of William Kinge of Ipswich, Co. SuiFolk, ship carpenter, f to which 
Mr. H. F. Waters kindly called my attention, must beyond doubt 
refer to the second John, the mariner, as we now know the wife of 
the former to have been a Chandler. 

It has been my great good fortune to locate one of these with 
absolute certainty, and the other beyond a reasonable doubt, although 
some further evidence is needed as to the last. 

Being recently in the North of England I made a careful examina- 
tion of the Consistory Court of Durham, the results of which are 
printed herewith, but they are most disappointing, as the Trumbull 
wills were few and these few yielded but little information. This 
task completed I had but one day to spare, having to keep an ap- 
pointment at the Probate Court at Lichfield, and I resolved to devote 
it to a Parish Register search of Newcastle. This important and 
populous city contains no less than four Parish Churches, and it was 
manifestly impossible to see them all in a day. Reasoning from 
analogy that if our man was a cooper he would probably have re- 
sided near the wharv^es and shipping, I selected the church nearest 
the river (All Saints) to begin with, and my delight may be im- 
agined when I found, in rapid succession, the marriage of John 
Trumble and EUinor Chandler in 1635, the baptism of his daughter 
Beriah in 1637, and his son John in 1639. The burial of Beriah, 
four months after her baptism, leaving the family as we first find it 
in America, makes the identification complete, and fixes the date of 
the emigration within a few months. 

The remainder of the day was spent in exhausting the Register, as 
far as time permitted, of all entries of the name, but in spite of the 
large number of these found, the result, as far as this particular 
family is concerned, is somewhat meagre. The records only com- 
mence in 1600, and the only baptism which could, chronologically, 
have been that of our man, is John the son of James in 1612, and I 
have serious doubts as to their identity for this reason — John Trum- 
ble of Rowley was evidently a man of more than ordinary education 
and intelligence, he wrote a clerkly hand (no common accomplish- 
ment in those days), was Town Clerk of Rowley until his death in 
1656, and taught the first school there : J but James, the father of 
the John baptized in 1612, is recorded as a "Kielman," that is, he 
occupied the humble position of a laborer on one of the keelboats or 
lighters used in loading vessels or conveying freight about the 
wharves, and it does not seem likely that a man in his position could 
have given his son the education which we know the emigrant to 
have possessed. 

* Middlesex Co. Deeds, I, 87, printed in Register, Jan. 1884, vol. xxxviii., page 79. 
t See abstract from Arch. Sufif. file 2, No. 124. 
X Essex Ins. Hist. Coils., iv., b^t-Q. 

The other three ancient parishes of Newcastle may, however, give 
us the parentage of John Trumble which All Saints denies us. 
They are St. Andrew^s (Reg. 1597), St. John's (1587) and St. 
Nicholas (1558), the latter being the mother church. Gateshead 
in Durham, ou the opposite bank of the Tyne and integrally a part 
of Newcastle, the Register of which dates from 1559, should also be 
examined. The parentage of EUinor Chandler, which was not found 
at All Saints, should also be sought in aU of these. 

It may be, however, that we must look further afield and across the 
Scottish border. It has always been believed that the TrumbuUs 
of England were descended from the broken remnants of the once 
powerful border clan of Turnbull, whose romantic origin is so well 
known,* and which, harried in turn by Scotch and English forays, 
was finally broken up and scattered. In 1545 the EngHsh burned 
no less than twelve castles and two towns of the clan in the Valley 
of the Rule, I and although the Barony of Mynto remained vested in a 
chief of the name until the middle of the 17th century, J the power 
of the clan was broken, and it was thenceforward but a shadow of 
its former self. 

* " Between red ezlarbanks, that frightful scowl, 
Fringed with grey hazel, roars the mining Roull ; 
Where TurnbuUs once, a race no power could awe, 
Lined the rough skirts of stormy Rubieslaw. 
Bold was the chief from whom their line they drew, 
"Whose nervous arm the furious bison slew, 
The bison, fiercest race of Scotia's breed, 
"Whose bounding course outstripped the red deer's speed, 
By hunters chafed, encircled on the plain. 
He frowning shook his yellow lion maine. 
Spurned with black hoof in bursting rage the ground, 
And fiercely toss'd his moony horns around. 
On Scotia's lord he rush'd with lightning speed, 
Bent his strong neck to toss the startled steed ; 
His arms robust the hardy hunter flung 
Around his bending horns, and upward wrung, 
With writhing force his neck retorted round, 
And roll'd the panting monster on the ground, 
Crush'd with enormous strength his bony skull; 
And courtiers hailed the man who twned the bull." 

Leydens' Scenes of Infancy, p. 102. 

The adventure took place in the forest of Callender, near Stirling, and its date is ap- 
proximately fixed by a grant from King Robert Bruce in 1315 of lands in Fulhophalch {i.e. 
Philiphaugh, a short distance west of the Rule), to Willielmo dicto Tumehull, for "a reddendo 
of one broad arrow at the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary." (Reg. Mag. Sig., 
p. 6). He was slain at the battle of Halidon Hill in 1333 in a single combat with Sir Robert 
Benhale, a Norfolk knight. (Hutchinson's Northumb., ii., 70: Ridpath's Border Hist., 

"Walter Turnbull, probably son of the above, was early in the possession of Mynto, so 
long held by the family, and which was confirmed to him, or a descendant of the same 
name, by King David III. in 1370. (Robertson's Index, p. 33, No. 48). Before the middle 
of the 1.5th century they had obtained the Barony of Bedrule (Stoddard's Scottish Arms, 
ii., 49), having by this time become a powerful border clan and rivalling the Moss Troopers 
of Liddesdale in audacity and daring. In 1510 their excesses had become so great that the 
King of Scotland marched with an army to the waters of Rule and executed summary 
justice on the clan. (Jefierey's Hist. Roxborough, 330.) This blow and a deadly vendetta 
with the Kers, aided the border warfare in weakening and finally breaking up the clan. 
The last who clamed the chieftainship, after the failure of the direct line of Mynto and Bed- 
rule, was a John Turnbull of Know, about 1672-78. (Stoddard, ii., 50.) 

t Jefiferey's Hist. Roxborough, 331. t JTJjd.— Retour, ii.. No. 243. 

The alien tax in the Lay Subsidies at the Public Record Office in 
Fetter Lane, the results of a brief examination of which are printed 
herewith, seems to clearly indicate the Scotch origin of the Trum- 
bulls, and so to point out to the Clan Turnbull of Bedrule as the 
progenitors of the race. 

We will now turn to John Trumble the mariner. Being engaged 
one day in a search of the Baptismal Registers of St. Dunstan's, 
Stepney, London, my attention was attracted by the occurrence of 
a family of the name, and I beheve that John the son of Robert 
Trumble, mariner, of Wapping, who was baptized 25 Sept. 1608, 
will prove to be the John Trumble of Charlestown, who in 1665 
was 48* and in 1686 w^as 80, | according to his own depositions. 
These last dates are utterly irreconcilable, and we can only conjec- 
ture that the first of them should be 1655, or that his age should 
have been 58 instead of 48, to make them harmonize with each other. 
Admitting this error, they are, taken in connection with the mari- 
time profession of the father, most suggestively near to the date of 
baptism as given : while the statement of Savage, that he was in 
his 80th year at his death in July 1687, exactly tallies with the 

baptism. I 

Robert, the father, unfortunately died intestate in 1614, § but the 
will of the mother, Judith, may yet be found, or some further and 
more exact reference from some of the King, Hichman or Sandwell 
families. II The wills at Bury St. Edmunds should also be seen in 
this connction, while a further examination of the Stepney Regis- 
ters for Marriages and Burials might, and most probably would, 
demonstrate or disprove the theory I have promulgated. 

There was a family of Trumbulls of London, fishmongers and 
shipowners if not mariners, in the 16th century, whose wills in the 
Pre. Court make a very good pedigree of four generations,** and 
whom I have suspected to be the prepositors of Robert of Stepney, 
but no confirmatory evidence has yet been found, and I believe that 
their place of origin will be finally located in Suffolk or Essex, pro- 
bably derived, like the Newcastle family, from the Clan Turnbull. 

In the meanwhile I submit the results of my stray gleanings during 
the last half dozen years in the English fields in the hope that other 
than the two grains of wheat which I have pointed out may be 
found among the chaff, and may prove of service to some co-worker 
in the cause. 

* Wyman's Gen. and Est. of Charlestown, ii., 954. 

t Paige's Hist. Camb., p. 672. 

+ Savage, iv., 336. 

§ See his admon. in Com. Ct. of Lond. 1614. 

II See will of William Kinge, above cited. 

** Wills of Thomas Trumbull the elder 1557, Johane his wife 1570, Thomas Trumbull 
the younger 1569, Emanuel Trumbull 1603. Admons. of Edward Trumbull 1610, and 
Maria Trumbull 1619. See also Marriage Licenses 1579, 1587 and 1614. 

Aliens Taxed in Northumberland. 

1544 — Return of Strangers inhabiting within the Towne of Newcastle upon 
Tine, CO. Northumb., dated laste October xxxvj Henry 8th. 
Ralph the Earl of Westmoreland, Thomas Tempest knyght. 
Thomas Hylton knyght, Robert lewyn mair of Towne of New- 
castle opon tyne, Robert Brandelyng, Henry Anderson & Jacobus 
lawson m^chants of said towne, constitute Thomas mydelton gent., 
Hyghe Collector &c of Subsidies granted xxxv H. 8 on Aliens. 
{The report contains no TrumbuUs.) P.R.O. 158-70 

1545 — Ditto, dated vj Januarie xxxvj Hen. viij. The Mayor & 2 Alder- 
men say they can in nowise be informed of any such person or 
persons borne out of the kinges dominions. P.R.O. 158-70 

1548— Ditto, dated xxij Jan. 1 Edw. vi. {JSTo Trumhulls.) P.R.O. 158-73 
1550— Ditto, dated xxix Aprill, 3 Edw. vi. {No Trumhulls.) P.R.O. 158-76 
1550— Ditto, dated xv ffeb. 4 Edw. vi. {No Trumhulls.) P.R.O. 158-77 

1551 — Ditto, dated xx march, 5 Edw. vi. 

Itm : Robert Trimbyll having goodes to the value of v^ and not 

aboue viij^. P.R.O. 158-78 

1559 — Ditto, dated 10 Sept., 1 Elizabeth. 

Widowe Troomble a scot p^^ by the pole iiij*^ P.R.O. 158-79 
1559 — Ditto, dated xxvij Nov., 2 Elizabeth. 

wedow trimble a scote paith by the powle iiij*^ P.R.O. 158-80 
1572 — Ditto, dated xvij June, 14 Elizabeth. {No Trumhulls.) 

P.R.O. 158-81 
1577— Ditto, dated x Oct., 19 Eliz. {No Trumhulls.) P.R.O. 158-82 
1581 — Ditto, dated xxviij Maye, 23 Elizabeth. 

Robert Tromble a Scott paieth by the Poll mf. P.R.O. 158-83 
1597— Ditto, dated 6 Oct., 30 Eliz. {No Trumhulls.) f^.R.O, 158-87 
1621— Ditto, dated 5 April, 19 James, 1621. 

Newcastle on Tyne — Alienizine Nate. 

Georgiiis Trumble taxatur ad nihil viij*^ 

Alexander ** " " « 

Johes " " « " 

Jacobus " « « " 

Dauid '« « « « 

Isabella " " « « 

P.R.O. 158-89 

A fragment of a roll of Account of an Assessment of a Subsidy 
upon the {Scotch) inhabitants of Co. of Durham. No date, 
temps Henry 8th. ( Very imperfect and obliterated in many 

{Towns uncertain.) 

Willi termbell Scot ij* 

John Trumbell Scoto g. bon — 

walle termbell Scoto ij^ 

P.R.O. 158-75 


Parish Register of Chapelry op All Saints, Newcastle on Tyne. 

1600 to 1640. 


1601 — Feb. 14 — Elizabeth Tromble dau. to Thomas veoman 

1604 — Feb 28 — Anne Trumble dau. to John Laborer 

1605 — Dec 29— Dority Trumble dau. to Thomas 

—Jan 7— " « " " " {sic) 

1606 — July 20 — John Chanler sonn to John Chanler 
— Jan. 3 — Elizabeth Trumble dau. to dauid 

1607 — Aug. 25 — Jarrat Trumble sonn to Thomas 
— Jan. 30 — Jaines Trumble dau. to Alexander 

1609 — Nov 5 — Alixander Trumble sonn to Alixander 

1610 — Apr 25 — Robt: Trumble sonn to Thomas 

1612 — Apr. 5 — John Thrumble sonn to James Melman 

— Sept 23 — m^gt Trumble dau. to Leonard 

1613 — Nov 7 — willm Trumble sonn to Alixander kielman 

1614 — Oct. 10 — Alsender Trumble sonn to Leonard 
— Nov. 6 — Elsabeth Trumble dau. to James 

1615 — Jan 28 — Henry trumble sonn to Ric: 

— Mar. 3 — nathaniel Trumble sonn to Leonard 

1616 — Apr 7 — George Trumble sonn to Ric: 

1617 — Apr 21 — Richard Trumble sonn to Richard blacksmith 

— Sept. 22 — Edward Trumble sonn to George 
— ffeb. 8 — Thomas Trumble sonn to Alexander kelman 

1618 — Apr. 6 — Anthouie Trumble sonn to Martyn 

— June 14 — Ellinor Trumble dau. to Leonard blacksmith 

— " 28 — John Trumble sonn to George M'^ainer 

— July 29 — George Drumbell sonn to Alexander laborer 

1619 — Mar. 29 — Thomas Trumble sonn to Alexander kelman 
— Oct. 24 — Jsabell Trumble dau. to William wheriman 

— Nov. 28 — Annas Trumble dau. to George m^'iner 

— Jan. 30 — William Trumble sonn to Richard ankersmith 

1620 — Apr. 14 — Elsabeth Trumble dau. to Conant Trumble a bastard 

Aug. 6 — William Trumble sonn to George 
" 28 — Leonard Trumble sonn to Thomas 
Sept.24 — James Trumble sonn to Thomas 
Nov. 12 — Mary Trumble dau. to Leonard 
Jan. 28 — Peter Trumble sonn to Alexander 
July 29 — Mathew Trumble sonn to William 
Aug. 4 — William Trumble sonn to George 

" " — Margaret Trumble dau. to George 
Oct. 6 — Thomas Trumble sonn to Dauid 
Dec. 22 — Margaret Trumble dau. to John 
Jan. 4 — Ann Trumble dau. to Leonard 
— ffeb. 15 — Mary Trumble dau. to George 
— Mar. 18 — Rachell Trumble dau. to George 
1624 — June 6 — Barbary Trumble dau. to Dauid 

— Oct. 17 — Elsabeth Trumble dau. to Alexander 
ffeb. 28 — Leonard Trumble sonn to Leonard 
Aug. 8 — Nathaniel Trumble sonn to George 
— Jan. 21 — Henry Trumble sonn to George 
1627— Apr. 8— Anne Trumble dau. to Marks 





laborer (bastard) 






kelman (bastard) 











— May 1 — Elizabeth Trumble dau. to Thomas Kealeman] 

— Mar. 19 — Isabell Trumble dan. to George shovelma 

-Apr. 27 — Jsable Trumble dau. to George keelman 

-May 25 — Ellinor Trumble dau. to George shouelman 

-Aug. 14 — Alice Trumble dau. to Thomas keelman 

-Sept. 23 — Babarie Trumble dau. to Leonard anckersmith 

■ffeb. 15 — Jane Trumble dau. to Marke kealman 

-Aug. 2 — willm Trumble sonn to George " 

■Nov. 1 — Margarett Trumble dau. to Hector kealm: 

•Dec 20 — Antho: Trumble sonn to Edw: kealman 

■Aug. 15 — Thom: Trumble sonn to Thorn: skipper 

•Nou. 14 — Mary Tumble dau. to George shouelma 

Apr. 17 — Katherine Trumble dau. to George keelman 

Maie 19 — John Trumble sonn to Leonard blacksmith 

July 31 — George Trumble sonn to Mark shovelman 

■May 20 — Robert Trumble sonn to Robert kealman 

June 2 — Jsabell Trumble dau. to Marke " 

Aug. 16 — Robt: Trumble sonn to John keelman 

Oct. 4 — Margaret Trumble dau. to Marke " 

Chasm from 31 Mar. 1635-6 to 25 Mar. 1637. 

-May 25 — Jane Trumble dau. to William 
— July 11 — Beria Trumble dau. to John 
— Nov. 21 — Susanna Trumble dau. to Leonard 
— Jan. 7 — James Trumble sonn to George 
1639 — Aug. 11 — John sonn to John Trumhle 
— ffeb. 2. Mary dau : to George Trumble 




1604 — Aug. 6 — Raphe Chanley & katrine duxfield 

— Dec. 4 — Thomas Trumble & Jayne wilkinson 
1606 — July 13 — George Parker cordine^ & Agnes Trumble 
— July 31 — Georg Trumble & Jsabell Routlishe 
— Aug. 17 — Georg Trumble & Jsabell willinson 
— Nov. 6 — Jaymes AUiburton & margret Trumble 
" 9 — John Chanley & m'^gret Sainborne 
1609— ffeb. 4— waiter Skott & Ellenor Trumble 
1610 — June 10 — Jaimes Jowsey & Jaine Trumble 
1611 — June 2 — Leonard Trumble & Anne Dauson 
1612— ffeb. 11— Robert Elder & Luce Trumble 
1613— ffeb. 20— Richard Trumble & Mary (?) Hall 
1617 — June 4 — georg Trumble & Jaine Crags 

— July 13 — Martinn Trumble & Ellinor Dortrie 
— Aug. 26 — George Trumble & margaret Browne 
— Sept. 16 — George Trumble & Ann Turner 
1618 — June 7 — John Trumble & Ann Stedman 
1620 — May 1 — Thomas Trumble & Agnes Browne 
— Jan. 7 — Thomas Parker & Ellinor Trumble 
— ffeb. 7 — David Trumble & Luce Carr 
1621 — July 15 — Cunnant Trumble & Margery Conyers 
1623— July 27— Arche: Wrightman & Mary Trumble 
— Dec. 3 — William ffoxley & Mary Trumble 


1624 — Nov. 30 — George Trumble & Jane Emmerson 
1625 — Dec. 11 — Thomas Townes & Jssabell Trumble 
1626— July 9— Marke Trumble & Elizabeth ffoster 

24 — Thomas Trumble & Margaret Tompson 
. 3 — Thomas Ainsley & Ann Trumble 
. 17 — George Trumble & Jssabell Taylor 

9 — George Trumble & Jssabell Hhamlton 

30 — Hector Trumble & Ann Hills 

28 — James Colyer & Katheren Trumble 

12 — Edward Trumble & Elsabeth Aire 

28— John Younge & EUinor Trumble 

27 — Osworth Wilkinson & Margaret Trumble 

3 — Leonard Trumble & Joan Wright 

23 — Parcivall Hall & Jane Trumble 

30 — Heugh Dover & Margarett Trumble 
, 4 — Heugh Dover & Margarett Trumble (^sic) 

19 — Parcivell Hall & Jane Trumble {sic — see S lines above.) 

19 — John Trumble & Jsabell Trumble 
7 — John Trumhle ^ ELino^ Chandler 
— Robert Trumble & Elino'^ Gibson 

Marriages searched to ffeb. 1635-6 only. 


— Sept 

1627— Sept 

1628— Nov 

1629— May 

1631— Oct. 
1632— feeb. 
1633— May 

— Aug. 
— Sept 

1635— May 
— July 
Nov. 5 


1601— Aug. 25 
—Dec. 24 
1602— July 23 
1603— Sept. 24 
1605 — June 15 
—Aug. 7- 
1607— Aug. 29 
1609— Apr. 19 
—Sept. 30 
1612— Nov. 12- 
— Jan. 24- 
1613— Apr. 4- 
1614— Feb. 21- 
1616— Jan. 3— 
1617— Nov. 8- 
— ffeb. 8— 
1619— Apr. 22- 
— Aug. 1 1 
1620— Mar. 29 
—Apr. 16 
— Nov. 25 
—Dec. 23 
1621— May 23 
—Aug. 9- 
— Sept. 6- 
1622— June 5- 
— July 25- 
— Oct. 27- 
— Mar. 23 

— Elizabeth Tromble wief to George 
Elizabeth Tromble dau. to Michael 
Elizabeth Tromble dau. to Thomas 

— Richard Tremble 
-Henry Trumble 

—Thomas Trumble 

— Jarret Trumble sonn to Thomas 

— Jarret Trumble 

— Thomas Trumble sonn to Thomas 

—Michael Trumble 

-Thomas Trumble 

-Jaine Trumble 

—Leonard Trumble sonn to Leonard 
Grace Trumble wife to George 

-Henry Trumble sonn of Richard 

-Mary Trumble wife to John 

— George Trumble sonn to Alexander 

— Richard Trumble 

— Thomas Trumble sonn to Alexander 
-Martyn Trumble 
-Margaret Trumble wife to George 
-Jssabel Trumble dau. to James 
-Peter Trumble sonn to Alexander 
William Trumble sonn to George 
•Jssabell Trumble wife to Gawen 
Mary Trumble dau. to Leonard 
-Richard Trumble 
-George Trumble sonn to william 
-Leonard Trumble soan to Thomas 




















1623— Apr. 10 
1624— Mar. 20 
1625— Jan. 3— 

— " 23- 
1627— July 17- 

— Mar. 23 

1628— Sept. 20 

—Nov. 27 

— feb. 18 

1629— Maie 25 

—Sept. 28 

-Mar. 1- 

1630— Apr. 3- 

— " 13- 
—May 1- 
— Nov. 10 
— Jan. 14- 

— " 27- 
Aug. 16- 
Oct. 4— 

UB7—Nbv. 16— 

Luce Trumble wife to David kelman 

— John Trumble sonn to Richard Ankersmith 

John Trumble Kealeman 

— Allexander Trumble sonn to Allexander Kealeman 

— Elsabeth Trumble dau. to Thomas Kealeman 

— Jssabell Trumble wife to George Shovelman 

Isabell Trumble dau. to George keeleman 

— .Mary Trumble dau. to George m'^n'^ 

Ann Trumble dau. to Marke 

— Eiter {sic) Trumble Kealman 

— Edward Trumble sonn to George kealm: 

-Robert Trumble kealm: 

-Ann Trumble wife to Jo°: deceased Pirkman (?) 

— Margarett Trumble wedow 

-Edward Trumble kealman 

— Jane Trumble dau. to Robert kealman 

— Tho: Trumble kealman 

-Thomas Trumble sonn to Tho: kealman dec'd. 

—Robert Trumble sonn to John Trumble keelman 

Margarett Trumble dau. to Marke keelman 
Chasm— Mar. 1635 to Mar. 1637. 

Bereah Trumble dau. to John Gou^, 


Consistory Court of Durham, 1540 to 1700. 

-margreat Trumble, wedo, sick in bodye but whole in mynde. {No 
residence given.) Dated first September 1585. I give, bequeath 
& comit my house w*^ thapp^tenance & all goods moveable & 
Jmmoveable together w*^ my children vnto Roger dawglesse my 
broth^ to vse all things that belonge to me at his Discretion & 
pleaso'" for I Do maike him my Lawfull executor, to pay my 
Debts & to haue & dispose my goods to gods glorye, also I desyre 
him, my said Executor, to give vnto goerge Trumble the some of 
xx^ for the xvj* w^^ was borowed of him to the purchasing of the 
house. Wit : — Richard Johnson, George watson, Thomas Hods- 
hone & Martin Liddell, dark. {No probate act.) 

Inventory — Debtts w^^ she owght — To James vswold x^, to John 
Robson iij^ iiij^, to Ritchard Johnson's wyf vj^, to wimprayes wyf 
ijs viij*^, to alexander Leyth^dale vj^ to Rog^ dawglesse for charges 



Debts owen to her at her dethe — Lame Reke Horsyle for the 
horde of his chylde xv^ & for a Lambe w^ he hath of my 
dawghf^ margrete Trumbles. 

A note of things in the House — an almarye*, iiij pewter disshes 
wherof one is in gadge of vj*^, a coverlet, a stone of wowlesf & 
more, a swyne shote & anoth"^ in hawvers, an yron pott, a pottell t 
pot of John Robsons, a pare of Courlings,§ a trowgh for woorte, 
a boxx & writings in it vewed befor witnesse, a bigg"^ pann, a 
Lesser pann, viij shetes, iiij Happings. || The forgoing noted on 
will — besides these an Inventory Suma xxv^ vj^. Filed. 

* Almury, the upright part of an astrolabe, is evidently intended, 
t Owl signifies wool in Northumberland dialect. 
i Pottle— two quarts. § Stag's horns. 

U Coverlets. 


1616 — Admon. of Marian Trumble of Chapelry of Haydon, co. Northamb., 
granted (no date) to Roger Trumble to use of John Trumble, son 
of deceased. Filed. 

1625 — John Trumble of Newcastle on Tyne. (Nuncupative Will.) 

M*^: that John Trumble late of the towne of Newcastle vpon 
Tyne yeoman about eight dayes before his death who dyed 
about Christmas last 1625 by word of mouth nuncupatiuelie did 
giue all he had to his wife saue viij^ w*^^ he gaue to Alexander 
Trumble his brother and xP the Rd Trumble sonne of his brother 
Thomas Trumble & xx^ to the Children of waiter Scott and made 
his wife sole executre of his will, witnesses & hearing the 
gmisses John Degman & Wm : Donkin. {No probate act.) 
Jnventory apprissed 20 Jan. 1625 by william Riddell m'^chaunt, 
Thomas Colyere shippwright, william Jackson e Smythe, and 
Thoms Steadman yeom' — some iij^^ vij^ In the brewhouse iiij" 
xiij^ vj*^. 
Debtes oweing to the testator — Jnp'^is John Dickman xliiij^ Itm 
william Donkine iij^^ x^, Thomas walsley xxj^ vj*^, Walter Cunrann 
xvj^, James Peye xj^ Dauid Trumble xvij^ James Aubute x% 
william Dick ix*, william Carr viij^, william Trumble vijs viij^, 
Christopher Armestrong v^, Richard yong iij^ iiij*^, Thomas wams- 
ley xxj^ vj*^, John Elwood iij^ iiij*^, Richard Jackson vpon a bill 
x^, Thomas Baitman xx^, one Post viij^, one lease heretofore mad 
by m'^ Cuth^^ Proctor for ffoure yeares one half yeare to come, 
some xxv^ xv* ij^. 
debtes oweing by the testato"^ — Jnp^is to Ellinor Harrisone for malt 
att seu'^all times iiij^S The funerall expences vij^ vj^ viij*^, The 
goods appraised and debtes oweing to the testato^ amounts vnto 
the some of xxxiij^^ xv^ v*^. The debtes and funerall expencs of 
the testato^ amounts vnto the some of xj^^ vj^ viij*^. Mem: of 
w^ debts aboue written oweing to the testato'^ is Doubtefull 
despate and vncertayne to the some xx® for w^^ the weadow 
Craueth allowaunce. Filed. 

1635 — Beatrice Trumble of Newton in Glendale {Northumh.) 

The nuncupative last will of Beatrice Trumble of Canon mylne 
w^^in the parish of Newton in Glendale and Diocese of Durham, 
spinster, late deceased, as shee declared the same vpon her death 
bedd the xxvj**^ day of march ano Dnij 1635 before the wittnesses 
whose names are heereunderwritten. 

To be buried in churchyard of Newton. To Jane wife of 
John Scott of Langton one coate called a safegarde. To Mary 
wife of James Glawhorne another coate. To John sonne of 
abouenamed James Ox^ Jsabell wife of Thomas Strother of 
Canon mylne aforesd. Res. Leg. & Extrx. Wit. : — James 
Glawhorne & Thomas Moffytt. Inventory [not dated) taken by 
Ralph Aymers & George Archibald — Imprimus her apparell & 
Bedcloathes 10^ Item two kyne iij^S twenty sheepe iij^^ x^, indebted 
to her by Thomas Pott of Reedford ij^ x^ indebted to her by 
John Pringle of Weststrewton j^^, indebted to her by Ralph 
Stymers of Kyllham v^ indebted to her by william Tayt of East 
Strewton x^ Suma xj" v^ 0. Filed. 

1637— Edward Trumble of Tweedmouth, (Mrthumb:) Will (Sain Calen- 
dar, hut papers lost from the files.) 


1637 — John Truble of Thornbrough within parish of Corbridge, the vn- 
profitable servant of god, weake in bodie but stronge in mynd. 
Dated xxvj^^ July 1637. Whereas by deed of xxvj*^ July I haue 
infeoffed margarett Trumble my wyffe of divers goods and Cattells 
to the vse in my last will & testament to be limitted & appoynted 
she to pay debts & legacies & her one third part & residue to 
be equallie divided amongst my childering and such Child ore 
Childering as my wyfe haue Concaued anye. To brothers sonne 
John one quy stirke & to his daughter Jane one quy stirke. My 
wyfFe Margaritt & sonne Anthonie Truble Exors. Friends 
Thomas hunter of stocksfeald & Beengye hedlye of east matfend 
Supervisors. Signed by mark. Wax seal obliterated. Wit.: — 
John Trumble the younger, Mechill yealder & Robert Thompson. 
Inventory taken 3 October 1637 by Robert Tomson, Beniamen 
Hodley, Ralph Lenge & xpofer Chester. Soma CCxxxviij^^ xv* 
iiij*^. Debts owen to John Trumble Ixxvj^^ vij^ v*^. Soma totales 
bonar et Creditor CCCxv" ij^ ix*^. Debts w^*^ sd John did owe 
Some Cxxiij^^ ij^. Filed. 

1645 — Leonard Trumble of Stangate neere Newcastle vpon Tyne (Nun- 

M^ : That in the Latter end of the moneth of September 
Ano dni 1644 Leonard Trumble of Standgate neare Newcastle 
vpon Tyne, Lyeing very sicke did send for one Roberte Singleton 
his neighbo'^, who comeing to him tolde the said Roberte That he 
would gladly sett things in order and Could nott gett a scrivener 
(Newcastle being then straitly beleaguered,) And desired the 
said Roberte to sett downe in writeing, what debts were oweing 
vnto him, & what he the said Leonard did owe to others, w^^ the 
said Roberte did accordingly. And gntly therevpon the said 
Leonard being of gfect minde & memorie Did make & declare 
his minde & last will & testam* nuncupatively in manner & form 
followeing or in wordes tending to the like effect vizt: — all money 
owing to him to his wife, his young daughter Susanna & his sonne 
Nathaniel Trumble each one third, & willed his wife t» give £6 
to his daughter Ellino'' out of the moneys she knew of, & did 
noiate & constitute his said wife, daughter Susanna & sonn 
Nathaniel ioynt Exors. w^^ wordes were soe spoken in the 
p'^sence & hearing of the said Roberte Singleton & his wife, 
EUenor his daughter, one John Tedcastles wife & others. 

Debtes owing to leonard tromble & he haith in Ankers* & old 
Iron &c. 139" 1" 6. He owes 8" 11" 0. Filed. 

(Chasm 1650 to 1660.) 

1661 — Christopher Trumble of Ordf in the Co. Pallintine of Durham, 
yeoman Dated 16 Oct. 1660. To eldest sonn Adam Trumble the 
house and croft I bought of INP Thomas Ord, when he comes to 
21 years, with rem., failing his issue, to sonn Thomas & his heirs, 
the said house to remain in possession of wife Margrett for the 
better Jnableninge her to bring vpp my children until sonn Adam 
is 21, & to said wife Croft & 2 houses I haue in mortgage of 

* Leonard Trumble and Robert Singleton, Ankersmiths, were among the appraisers 
of estate of Edward Lawson, anliersmith, of Newcastle, 30 July 1644. 
t In parish of Tweedmonth. 


Randell orton for £8 until redeemed. To sonn Thomas £10 w^^ 
John Douglas of Berwicke, Burgesse, is indebted to me. To daugh- 
ter Annis Trumble £10 which is in my brother Robert Trumbles 
hand. To daughter Margrett Trumble £10 in said bro. Roberts 
hand of Berwick. To daughter Jsbell Trumble £10 w^^ Thomas 
Riche son of HornclifFe Lane end is Jndebted by Bond. To 
daughter Barbary Trumble £10 out of what is due me from m*^ 
Thomas Watson of Berwick, Alderman. To daughter Mary 

Trumble £10. To daughter's Trumble £10. To wife 

house I now dwell Jn duringe Lease J haue of it from william 
Ord of fFelkington, Esq'". To sonn Adam £5 more. Brother 
Thomas Trumble of Berwick, Burgess, and wife Margrett Exors. 
Signed by mark. Plain seal. Wit.: — Robert Trumble, Robert 
Lambert & Adam Trumble his mark. 
Inventory taken 1 Apprill 1661 by m'' Robart Trumble, Lisly ffor- 
side & Adam Trumble Total 129" 10" 2— Less Debts £6'' 3 & 
funeral charges £4 = 10" 3'' 0, Bal. 119" T 2. Filed N^ 56. 

1661 — George Trumble of Gatsheed, in co. of Durham, Butcher, sicklie at 
present, but of perfect memorie. Dated 13 Aprill 1658. To 
sonn in law ffrancis Fryer & Margaret his wife (my daughter) & 
the heirs of her bodie, my now dwelling in Gatsheed at heed of 
the Battelbank there. Containing one Hall, one Seller, one Shopp, 
ffower Chambers aboue the same, with 2 Roofe Lofts at the topp 
together with all stables, lofts &c &c on backside of said dwelling, 
with rem., if she have no issue, to Robert Aplebie & Ann his 
wife, my dau., & the heirs of their bodies, rem. to dau. Elizabeth 
Cooper & her heirs, rem. to my right heirs. To son in law 
Robert Aplebie & Ann his wife all houses in vpper church-chaire, 
adjoining last, & remainders as before. To daughter Elizabeth 
Cooper 26s. 8d. yearly for life towards her house rent & £10 in 
10 days after my decease in full of her portion. Wife Margaret 
Res. heg. & Exor. Neighbors John Swan, Miluer, & Edward 
Bullman Supervisors. Signed by mark. Seal — A Cinquefoil. 
'Wit.: — Christopher Reedshawe, Etward Bullman, Jo° Swan, 
Thomas Tweddell, Ambrose Mosse & Robert Apleby, 
Inventory [no date) bv ffrancis Fryer & Marmaduke Burdon — 02'' 
17" 06. " Filed, N^ 59. 

1664 — Admon. of Jane Trumbell of Newcastle, widow, {no date) granted 
to sister Sainct Shaw of City of Durham, widow. Bond of Christ. 
Shaw of same, cordwainer, & Richard Davison of same, yeoman. 

Filed, N«. 270. 

1666 — George Trumble of Denicke,* sicke in bodie. Dated 13 Sept. 1666. 
To be buried in churchyard of St. mighill in Alnewicke parish. 
To eldest sonn David Trumble £7 that John Clarke in Alnewicke 
owe me & £3 that George wake of Alnewicke owe me & eleauen 
shillings that John midford & Jane his wife in Alnewicke owe me 
& £14-13® John Clith of Rennington owe me & 40® Ralph Gray 
of stamfourde owe me, more I giue vnto sonn David £4-5® he 
himselfe owe me. To son: Mathew Trumble £5-12-6 that 
John then of swinho owe me, & £8-8 Edward Reade of Craster 
owe me & £6-12-6 that william shiphearde of longehoughton 

* Denwick, a hamlet about one mile NE of Alnwick, co, Northumb. 


owe me, more £10-15 he hiraselfe owe me. To wife Jane Trnm- 
ble all goods & corne & to two sonns all debts not yett disposed 
of & wife Extrx. Signed by mark. No seal. Wit. : — Richard 
Robinson, George Thompson his mark, William harper his mark, 
& William Archbould. 
Inventory taken 8 October 1666 by Raiph Gray, William Arch" 
bould, wm: Gromell, William Robinson & George Thompson* 
Total 114" 05" 8. Filed, N«. 147. 

1672 — Thomas Trumble of the Towne and County of Newcastle Vpon 
Tine, Cooper, weake & sicke in body. Dated 4 July, 20 Chas. 
II, 1668. To be buried in Chappelry of All Saints within the 
Town & County of Newcastle Vpon Tine afsd. My messuages 
& tenements are now Jngage vnto William Johnson of Newcastle 
afsd., merchant, for payment of £20 g ann for 6 years, I giue all 
such houses to wife Mary Trumble until said amounts are satis- 
fied, (the shoppe vnder part of my now dwelling in tenure of 
Edward Stannis, Barber Cheurgion,onely excepted & fforeprized,) 
which to sonn Thomas & his heirs, remainder to sonn Robert & 
his heirs, rem. to my right heirs. To my 2 daughters Jane & 
Margarett Trumble £20 apeece, remainder, in case of their death, 
to daughter Elizabeth Trumble. To sonn Robert the shopp 
(above named) & tenement in possession of William Carrudders 
& other tenement in possession John ffenwicke, Merchaunt, & 
tenement iw possession of Oswould Humble, yeoman, with rem. 
to sonn Thomas. To daughter Elizabeth Trumble £20 with 
rem. to other 2 daus. To daughter Mary, wife to George Col- 
lingwood, House carpenter, £5 for a token. Wife Mary Res. 
Leg. & Extrx. Plain seal. Wit.: — Thomas Betson, Thomas 
Geoy & Antho: Norman. 
Inventory taken 8 Oct. 1668 by Thomas Betson, Cooper, William 
Husbond, Pewtherer, Charles Trumble, Joyner, & Thomas Geay 
(signs Geey) yeoman. Summa Toto xxxvj^ ij* 00. Debts owing 
by testator Clxx^ Filed, N^ 91. 

1674 — Admon. of Anthony Turnbull of Castle Garth, co. Northumber- 
land, (no date) granted to widow Mary Turnbull. Bond of George 
Angus of Castle Garth & Edward Sherewood of same place, 
tailor (vestiar). Filed, N°. 38. 

1677 — Marke Turnbull of Town & Co. of Newcastle upon Tine, yeoman, 
sickly & infirm in body. Dated 21 fFeb., 29 Chas. II, 1676. 
To eldest sonn Symond Turnbull, (after death of my wife,) house 
where I now dwell in street called Overdeane bridge, to him & 
bis heirs with rem. to sonn Marke Turnbull, rem. to two daus. 
Barbara and Mary Turnbull, rem. to children of my five brothers, 
George, James, Andrew, William and Henry Turnbull. To 
second sonn Marke (after death of my wife,) tenement on West 
part of my now dwelling &c, with rems. as before. To daus. 
Barbara & Mary two other bouses in Overdean Bridge, with rems. 
as before. To sonn Symond £40. To sonn Marke £50. To 
dau. Mary £20. Wife Elizabeth Res. Leg. & Extrx. Seal 
gone. Wit.: — J. Durant, John Bush, Jacobi Wood his mrk., 
Robt: Bulmann, Not. Pub. Filed, N«. 28. 

1677 — Admon. of Robert Trumble of Newcastle on Tine granted 4 March 
to mother Mary Trumble, widow. Bond of Thomas Trumble, 

cooper, of Newcastle and . Filed, N^. 255. 



1678 — Admon. of Andrew Turnebull. {So in Calendars but papers lost 
from the files.) ]S'«. 82. 

1681 — luveiitory of Isabelle Turnebull of Newcastle on Tine, widow, taken 
20 Sept. 1680, (signed 24 Sept..) by Cuthbert hedly and raargrt 
gooddins. in all 00-09-02. Filed, N^ 4. 

1681 — Mary Trurable of town and county of Newcastle upon Tine, Wid- 
dow, sickly & infirm. Dated 26 Jan., 32 Chas. II. 1680. To 
daughter Jane Trumble shopp-in possession of William Husband, 
pewterer, in tenement belonging to my late husband, Thomas 
Trumble dec'd., scituate in fflesher Rawe & w^^ I late bought of 
my sonn Thomas. To daughter Margarett ffairles, vviddow, other 
part of same messuage. To grandchild Mabell Collingwood £10. 
To soun in lawe George CoUinofwood £3. To sonn Thomas 
Trumble 20s. and to his wife 20s. & to his two children 20s. 
apiece. To daughter Margarett ffairles 40s. per ann. for 10 years. 
Daughter Jane Trumble Res. Leg. & P^xtrx. Signed by mark. 
Plain seal. Wit.: — Tho: Smith, Sam: Handcocke & Robt: Bul- 
man, Not. Pubc:. 
Inventory of Mary Trumble of Chappelry of all Saints, who died 
24 Nov. 1681, taken by William Husband, Roger Gray & George 
Collingwood— £17'' 06" 8. Filed, N«. 337. 

1681 — Elizabeth Trumble of Newcastle vpon Tine, spinster, sick of body. 
Dated 20 Dec. 1680. To sister Jane Trumble £3. To sister 
marg' ffairlas her 2 children 20s. each & to herself £3. To 
brother-in-law Geo: Collincr\vood 20s. «& to his daughter Mabell 
Collingwood 20s. To ray brother Tho: Trumble's wife 20s. & to 
his 2 children 20s. apeice, all to be paid out of my shoppe in ye 
side in possession of VVilliam neile. My mother Mary Trumble 
Res. Leg. & Extrx. Signed by mark. Seal, Letters P. O. Wit.: 
— Geo: Collingwood, Roger Gray, James morison his mark. 
Inventory taken 15 November 1681 by George Collingwood & 
William Husband £2-10-00. Filed, N«. 338. 

1682— Mark Turnebull Will {Not examined.) No. 175. 

1689— Peter Trumble " "= " " 170. 

1694— William Trumble Admon. " " " 190. 

1695— William Trumble " " " " 7. 

1696— Adam TurubuU " " " " 68. 

Exchequer Court of York, 1389 to 1652. 

1563 — Apr. 28 — Will proved of Thomas Turnbull of stirtan by xpofer 
Brokden & John Bell, witnesses named, and admon. issued to 
Elizabeth Turnbull, the relict & Extrx. Will dated 3 Jan 1562 
& Reg. Vol. xvii, fo. 228. Deanery of Craven Act Bk. 

1581 — Apr. 15 — Will of Elizabeth Turnebull of Stretton, widow, probate 
to John & Roger Turnebull, sons of deceased & Exors. 

Deanery of Craven Act Bk. 

1603 — July, last day — Will of John Turnebull of Stirton in parish of 
Skipton, probate to son Roger, Exor., with power reserved for 
son William, Coexor.* Deanery of Craven Act Bk. 

1690 — Thomas Trumble of Nether Rowgrean in parish of Hexham, co. 
Northumberland, Yoeman.' Dated 6 May 1690. To wife Mary 

* These three wills probably represent the ancestry of the Trumbulls of Easthampstcad, 
CO. Berks. See Visit, of Berks, 1664-6,— Genealogist, vi. 100. 


Trumble half of goods & she to pay her sister Jeny Wade 20s. 
Cuthbert Turnor of Hiredarge in parish of Hexham, co. North- 
umberland, Yeoman, Res. Leg. & Exor. & he to pay 20s. more to 
Jeny Wade. Signed by mark. Wit.: — Henry Dixson & Thomas 
^airbridge. Pro. 2 Feb. 1690. Reg. Vol. Ixi. fo. 374. 

Marriage Licenses at London, 1520 to 1700. 
1548, Dec. 12— Christopher TurbuU & (blank) Faculty Office. 

1579-80, Feb. 8— William Chelsam, Gent., & Sibill Turnbull,* Spinster, of 
St. Botolph, Billingsgate; To marry there. JBish. of London. 

1587, Sept. 19 — George Gippes, Fishmonger, of St. Margaret's, New Fish 
Street, London, & Elizabeth Turuebull,t Spinster, of same, dau. of 
{blank) Turnebull, late of same, Fishmonger, dec'd. General 
License. Bish. of London. 

1614, Dec. 17 — Walter Stinger [or Stringer X) Gent., of Chelsea, Middx, 
Bach^ 32, & Katherine Truraball.§ of St. Dunstan's West, Spin- 
ster, 16, dau. of Emanuel Trumball, Gent., dec^ 12 years ago||; 
Consent of her mother Erame Maundrell, of St. Dunstan's afore- 
said, wife of Henry Mandrell, Esq.; At St. Faith's, London. 

Bish. of London. 

1636, Oct. 1 — John Trumbull of St. Olaves, Silver Street, plasterer, bach- 
elor, aged 30, & Bethia Fallwater of St. Anne's, Blackfriars, 
maiden, aged 21, at the disposing of her mother, Elizabeth Fall- 
water of the said parish, widow; At St. Anne's, Blackfriars. IT 

Bish. of London. 

1638, July 27 — Nicholas Whitton, Esq., of Woodstock, Oxon., Bachelor, 
22, & Anne Trumbull, of Easthamsted, Berks., Spinster, 21, dau. 
of William Trumbull, late of same, P^sq., dec*^. ^*\ Consent of her 
mother M"^^ Deborah Trumbull, attested by her brother William 
Trumbull, Esq.; At St. Martin's in the Fields. Bish. of London. 

1661, Sept. 2 — Thomas Westwood, of Stepney, Middx., AVeaver, Wid^, 
ab* b^, & Elizabeth Trumball, of St. Stephen, Coleman Street, 
London, Wid., ab' 43; At St. Helleu's or St. Lawrence, Jury, 
London. Vicar General. 

1672, June 24 — Philip Dumaresq, of Samarez, Isle of Jersey, Esq., & 
M" Deborah Trumbull, of Easthampstead, Berks, Sp'"; Her 
father's consent tt 5 I" y^ French Church or Chapel commonly 
called La Savoye in co. Middlesex. Vicar General. 

* The daughter of Thomas Trumbull, Citizen and Fishmonger, of St. Bottolph, Billings- 
gate. See his wil! in P. C. C. 1569. 

t Also daughter of Thomas (above named). Note bequest to Church of St. Marga- 
ret's in will cited. As there is no such parish as *' St. Margaret's in brigge streat" and 
as New Fish St. was close to London Bridge, we cannot doubt that St. Margaret's New 
Fish Street was intended. Perhaps the nomenclature of the street had been altered between 
1569 and 1587. 

I In Vicar General's Book. 

$ See her administration of her sister Mary Tromball's estate in Archdeaconry of Essex, 

II See will of Emanuel Trumbull in P. C. C. 1603. 

II I have to thank Mr. H. F. Waters for this allegation, which was one of those over- 
looked by Col. Chester. 

** See his will in P. C. C. 1635. 

ft She was dauehter of William Trumbull, Esq., of Easthampstead, Clerk of the Signet 
(See Visit Berks^ 1664-6, in Gen. vi. 100). He died in 1678, his will reg. in P. C. C. 
(Reeve 146). 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1383 to 1700. 

1497— Will of John Golding of Glemesforde (co. Suff.) the elder, Cloth- 
worker. Dated 27 June 1495. Names wife Johan, sons Wil- 
liam, John & John the younger, daughters Thomas, Margery 
Trumbull, Katherine Wood & Johane Hill. Pro. 20 May 1497. 

Home, 13. 

1557 — Thomas Trumbull the elder, Citizen & fishmonger of London. 
Dated 7 July 1557. To be buried nere late wife {no place 
named). Wief Johane. Children of daughter Johane & Emanuel 
Lucar, Ciprian, Luke, Marke, John & Martha. John Trumbull, son 
of Bartropp Trumbull, my late brother dec'd {under age). Legacy 
to Jesus Hospital in London, newly erected, & to South wark Hos- 
pital. To poor prisoners in Ludgate, Newgate, Kinges Benche 
& Marshallsey. To the fRshmongers company of London. Thomas 
Margetsey, sone of John Margetsey late Citizen & brewer of 
London dec'd., and Johane my wife {under age). Mary Gitton 
daughter of Davy Gittons. Mayden Avys. Wief of Thomas 
Quarterne of Ratcliff, Maryner. God-dau. Joane Pratt. Cosyn 
Richarde Trumbull. Butter's widowe. Shoppe under the sign 
of the Bell in Brydgestreate. To Cuthbert Trumbull, show- 
maker, a dwelling besides Saynte Salveo^s. To sone Thomas 
Trumbull all lands in London & Essex (with remainder to dau. 
Johane, wief of Emanuel Lucar,) and he Exor. George Hadley 
of Middle Temple, gent., & Emanuel Lucar Overseers. Pro. 20 
July 1557. Wrastley, 25. 

1566 — Mr. Heughe Turnebull, Doctor of Divinity, Deane of Chichester. 
(Nuncupative Will) Dated 21 Nov. 1566. To all servants, i. e. 
William ffells, Richard Lane, John Brewer, Thomas Bowser, 
John Milles & Thomas Raddish, each a fetherbedd, bolster, pare 
of sheets & Blankettes, & to ffells his horse called Cutt. To my 
nephew George Turnebull 40 marks. My other nephews, which 
be nowe at Canterburie & oxford, & my sister to be Res. Legs. 
Lawrence Huse, Dr. of Laws, brother William Turnebull at 
Rapsley {co. Lincoln) & William Cantherne who married sister's 
daughter, to be Exors. Wit.: — Richard Beseley, Anthonie Russhe, 
edwardum Orwell & William Bowie. Pro. 25 Nov. 1566 by 
Lawrence Husey, power reserved to other Exors. Crymes, 31. 

1569 — Thomas Trumbull, Citizen & fishmonger of London, sicke in bodie. 
Dated 3 maie 1569, 11 Eliz. To be buried in parish Church of 
St. bottolphes nere billingsgate of london. All goods to be 
divided in three parts, after the custom of the city of London, 
whereof to wief Elizabeth one part, to children one part, and to 
payment of legacies one part. To poor of parish of St. margarets 
in brigge streat vj^ viij^. To raaisters & lyverie of company of 
fishemongers xxx® for a recreation. To Leonarde AUine, citizen 
& fishemonger of london half that he oweth me & he to pay 
other half when able & noe extreamitie shalbe vsed againste 
hym. P^xor. to sell my shoppe in brigge streat adioyninge the 
No. side of the bell tavern dore, now in tenure of Symonde mawe 
& where his sone Roberte mawe standeth, proceeds to be div. {as 
above) but xx^ a yeare wherewith my father Thomas Trumbull 
bathe charged saide shoppe shalbe reserved & paid yearlie for coles 


among the poor according to will of said father. To wief Eliza- 
beth £20. To daughters Sybell & Elizabeth each £20. To 
daughters Anne & Marie residue of third part. Sonne Eman- 
uell Trumbull Exor. Father - in -lavve Edwarde Hall, bro.- 
in-lawe Mr. Emanuell Lucar, & Harry Haywarde, Citizen & 
fishemonger of london, Overseers & to each a blacke gowne. 
To my ward, Margarete Haywarde, servante withe my sd. bro.- 
in-law Emanuell Lucar, £3-6-8. Wit.: — Anthonye Pillbroughe, 
merser, & Lawrence GowfFe, draper. Published 21 Maij 1569, 
before George lording, Not. Pub. 
Codicil dated 21 Male 1569. All shippes or parts of shippes to be 
sold by overseers & proceeds divided as other goods. My sonne 
Emanuell Trumbull to be in government of bro-in-lawe Emanuell 
lucar & Harrie Haywarde. Rents of free lands in norfFe & Essex 
to be collected by sd. Lucar & Hay ward until sonn is 21 and then 
half to daus. Anne & Marie & other half to Sybill, Edwarde and 
Elizabeth. Sonn Emanuell to be put forth at learning vnto 
thaige of xviij & then put apprentice. To sister Johane wief of 
Emanuell Lucar a rynge of golde of one ounce with A deathes 
Hedd. Wit.: — Harrie walles, Allyn Tompsonn, Emanuell lucar, 
Edward Hall. Published 21 May 1569 before Geo. Lordinge, 
Not. Pub. Pro. 16 Mar 1569 & Com. issued to Henry Haywood, 
during minority of Exor Probate 19 ffeb. 1574 to Emanuell 
Trumbull, sone & heir. Lyon, 8. 

1570 — Johan Trumbull of london, widowe, late the wife of Thomas 
Trumbull thelder, citizen & ffishmonger of london, deceased, & 
before that the wife of John Margetson, citizen & bruer of lon- 
don, deceased, sicklie in body. Dated 3 May 1570, 12 Eliz. To 
my sister Alice, wife of David Gittons, best skarlet peticote. To 
Johan Violet, wife of John Violet, Citizen & ffishmonger of lon- 
don, second ditto. To Mr. & livery of worshipful Co. of ffishe- 
mongers £5 for a recreation, they to accompany my corps to the 
churche. To Margaret Hethe, wife of {blank) Hethe, in white 
chappell parish w^^ was my maiden, a blacke cassocke of xiij^ iiij** 
the yarde. To Rauffe Gyttons a ring. To cosin Robert Gyttons a 
signet ring w' W & I engraven therein. To Anne Judd, widowe, 
golde ringe with three whopes wrethen. To cosin Thomas Git- 
tons a ring. Sonne Thomas Margetson Res. Leg. & Exor. Bro- 
in-law David Gittons & John violett Overseers. Late husband 
John Margetson by deed dated xvij Mar. 4 Edw. VI {1550) 
granted to David Gittons & John ffloide messuage called the 
crowne in psh of Seint Botulphe w'oute Algate, to hold to vse of 
said John Margetson & Johan his wife & o^ heirs, & wch premises 
I have of late Demysed by lease vnto Richard Drue, I give same 
to said sou Thomas Margetson. Wit.: — Richard Howlatt, Leon- 
ard Alleyn, and George Lording, Not. Pub. Codicil, same date, 
To cosin Mary Gyttons w^^ is w**^ me in the house £100 in hands 
of John Vyolett. Pro. 29 May 1570 by Exor. Lyon, 16. 

1591 — Admon. of William Trumbull of London. 

September 11 Commission issued to Richard Proctor, of All 
Saints, Barking, a Creditor of william Trumble late of the City 
of London but deceased in Russia in partibus vltra marinus in- 
testate, to admr. &c. Revoked & new act granted 22° of month. 

Act Bk., fo. 187. 


1593 — Richard Turnbull in perfect healthe of bodye {no parish, hut of St. 
Pancras, Midx.^ in Act Booh). Dat. 2 Aug 1593. To be buried 
in the newe Churchyarde. Forgiue deere mother Turnbull all 
debts, and lease of her howse nowe in my Custodye be sent to 
her as soon as maye be & £5 in money. To wyfe Blanche 
£100 & rest of goods to children, with remainder to wyfe for her 
life, rem. to brother Thomas Best his children, brother Augustine 
Turnbull his children, and Brother George Heigham his children, 
each one third. Brothers Mr. Thomas Best* and Mr. George 
Best Exors., whome I entreate in the Bowells of Jesus Christ to 
be tender & good vnto my said children. Holograph Will. (No 
witnesses) Pro. 2 Nov. 1593 by Wpo: Creake, Not. Pub., Atty 
for Exors. Thomas and George Beaste. Nevell, 90. 

1597 — Christopher Holmes, Citizen & haberdasher of London. Will dated 
2 Jan., pro. 15 fFeb. 1597. Bequeathes "to ffabyan Trumbull 
all the goods he hath of myne in hands without accompte 
yelding of them." Lewyn, 19. 

1603 — Emanuel Trumbull [No parish^ hut of St. Michaels, Crooked Lane, 
City of London, in Act Book). Dated 29 Sept. 1603. To wife 
Emme Trumble all freehold lands called Bookings & lands in 
lyttle Hollande & all coppiehould lands & shoppe in newe ffishe 
strete in occupation of Thomas Atkins, also 2 houses & 3 shoppes 
by puddinge lane end. The blacke Bull, the maydenhead, & a 
shoppe between, & said wife sole Extrx. (Signed Emanuell 
Trumble.) The 2 houses & 3 shoppes do not come to his vse 
until the dec. of his mother in lawe. Wit. : — John Harvye of 
Loudon, Scr., & Willm Brewen. Pro. 23 Dec 1603 by Extrx. 

Bolein, 110. 
1628 — Admon. of John Trumble of Ratcliffe in Com. Middx., but deceased 
abroad (m pHihus vUramar.), granted 21 ffeb. to relict Rebecca 
Trumble to admr. &c. Act Bk., fo. 11. 

1635 — William Davies of Peeterhead in Real me of Scotland, resident att 
Wappinge well, near London, mariner, about to goe to sea in 
shipp discovery of London, Capt. Berkeley, on a voyage to the 
East Indies. Dat. 24 Mar 1628. Friend William Bishop of 
Wapping & Mary his wife sole Legatees & Exors. Died abroad 
& Admon. with will granted 2 Dec 1635 to Andrew Trumble, 
administrator of William Bishop, the Exor., also deceased. 

Sadler, 132. 

1635 — William Trumbull of Easthampstead, co. Berks., Esq.f Dated 20 

Aug. 1635. To second son John Trumbull an annuity of £100 

from Manor of Morton Grange in psh. of East Harlsey, co. Yorke, 

& Wyradsbury, co. Bucks., & 4 houses in pshs. of Eastpeckham, 

* This name suff^ests a possible connection with the Stepney Trumbles. Thomas Best 
of that parish in 1598 was Capt. in the E. I. Co.'s Navy, in 1611-12 he gained a brilliant 
victory over the Portuguese in Indian waters, and in 1633 was Warden of Trinity House. 
He was buried 23 Aug. 1639 at Stepney. (Nat. Diet. Biog., op. cit. Memorials Stepney 
Psh., p. 31.) 

t He was the son of John and Elizabeth (Brogden) Trumbull of Craven, co. York, was 
sometime Agent for Kings James and Charles 1. at Brussel.", and one of the clerk.s of the 
Privy Council; he married Deborah, daughter of Walter Downes of Belting, co. Kent. 
His grandson, Sir VVilliam Trumbull, Knight, married Judith, daughter of Henry, fourth 
Earl of Sterling, and died 1716, his will registered in P. C. C. (Fox, 60), Avhose son William 
Trumbull, dying 24 April, 1760, left an only daughter his heir. (Visit of Berks., 1664-6, 
in Gen. VI , 100, Douglas' Peerage of Scotland, LL, 537. See wills in Exch. Ct. York for 
probable ancestry of this family.) 


Watringbury, Yalding & Brenchly, co. Kent, & Mansion House 
at East Hampstead, payable at Inner Temple Church after de- 
cease of now wife, Deborah, to be paid by eldest son William 
Trumbull, wlio is to pay him £50 yerely towards his maintenance 
at vniversity of Oxford during life of said Deborah. To wife 
Deborah, mansion of East Hampstead for life, with rem. to eldest 
son William. To son William, manor of Morton grange in psh. 
of East Harlesey, York, & Wyradsbury, Bucks., & 4 houses in 
Kent afsd., he to pay to Anne Trumbull, my dau., £1500. To 
son William my library of books, papers, &c with the trunkes & 
presses in which they lye. To wife Deborah use of all Jewells, 
plate & household stuff for life or widowhood, rem. to children 
William, John & Anne, and sd. Deborah Res. Leg. & Extrx. 
Wit.: — William Hathorne scr., & Jaiman Marsham. Pro. 23 
Nov. 1635 by Extrx. Sadler, 120. 

1638 — Oct. 25 — Admon. of Francis Trumball of St. Martin's-in-the-fields, 
CO. Middx., bachelor, dec'd., granted to Nathaniel Sumsden, a 
creditor. Ad. Act Bk. fo. 218. 

1648 — Richard Turnbull of Needingworth, co. Hunts., Gent., the poor & 
vnprofitable servant of the loving God. Dated 10 Oct, 22 Chas., 
1646. Wife Margaret. Sons Richard & John. Daughters 
Margaret Newman & Elizabeth Bennet each 5s. Daughters 
Katharine & Blanche Turnbull each £5. To poor of Halliwell 

cum Needingworth afsd. 20s. Brother Mr. Geortje Turnbull 5s. 

Wife Margaret Res. Leg. & Extrx. Holograph Will. Wit.: 
Benjamin Jocelin, John Lambird, William Lewman & John Kil- 
lingworth. Pro. 27 June 1648 by Extrx. Essex, 96. 

1651 — Thomas Trumble of North Dissington, co. Northumberland, yeo- 
man. Nuncupative Will, dated about the middle of July 1650, 
being sick of the sickness whereof hee shortly after died. To 
vncle James Trumble one cowe called Pettie. To mother in 
lawe 20s. Wife Jssable Trumble Reg. Leg. & Extrx. Wit.: — 
Thomas Johnson & Vrsula Lowry. Pro. 4 Nov. 1651 by Extrx. 

Grey, 228. 

1654 — Johane Trimble als. vivian of Tavistock, co. Devon.,* widriow, aged 
& feeble of Body. Dated 6 Feb. 1653. To poor of Tavistock 
& of Pughill, CO. Cornwall, each psh., 10s. To kinsfolk John 
Volking Jane Pie, Digorie Hucker, Mary Jewell, Jane Juell, & 
Philipp Jewell 10s. the peece. To grchild Richard, sonn of John 
Vpright 20s. To 3 grchildren Richard, John & Mecheus, the 
sons of Richard Wellisford 20s. apeece. Daughter Jane Wellis- 
ford, wife of Mecheus Wellisford of Tauistocke afsd.. Res. Leg. 
& Extrx. Signed by mark. To Sibly Shepheard one brasse pott 
& panne. Wit. : — ffrancis Vivian, William Skerrett & Aug. Bonill. 
Pro. 20 June 1654 by f:xtrx. Alchin, 3, 

1657 — May 6 — Admon of Wilfray Turneball of Harwood, co. Yorks., 
widower, granted Katherine (now wife of William Hall), the niece 
on the brother's side. Act Bk., fo. 104. 

1657 — Ralphe Turnball of Ropesley,t co. Lincoln, Husbandman, sick in 

* This will is noteworthy as being the only instance found of the occurrence of the narae^ 
Id the West of England and this is probal)Iy not a true Trumbull. 

t Compare will of Dr. Hugh Trumbull, Dean of Chichester (1566) who was evidently 
of this family. 


bodie. Dated 20 Jan. 1G53. To be buried in Church or Chyard 
of Ropesley. Debts amount to about £25. To wife Katherine 
ffowre score pounds. To eldest sonn Thomas, daughter Eliza- 
beth & sonn Ralph, each £40 at 21. To poor of Ropesley 5s. 
My wife to allowe to my ffather & mother both their dietts with 
her & pay them yerely 40s. so long as shee shall enjoy this farme 
wherein I nowe Hue vnder the Rt. Hon. ffrances Countesse Dow- 
ager of Rutland. Wife Katherine sole Extrx. Friend Richard 
Butler of Bracebee & brother John Greene of Osbernbee, Over- 
seers. Wit.: — William Paske & Richard wheate, his marke. 
Pro. 12 Mar. 1656 by Extrx. Ruthen, 93. 

1658 — April 24 — Adraon. of Katherine Turneball of Howden, co. Yorks., 
widow, granted to Richard Thompson principal creditor. 

Act Bk., fo. 92. 
1659 — July 26 — Admon of " Samuel Trumball late in ye Shipp the P^liza- 
beth goeing to Virginia att Sea Shipp-wright Dec'd." granted to 
Elizabeth Trumball the relict. Ad. Act. Bk. 

1661 — Henry Trumball of psh. of St. Annes, Blackefriers (London), sicke 
in body. Dated 19 Sept 1661. To daughter Judeth £50. To 
sonn Adam £40. To sonn Samuell £20, all at 21. To childe my 
wife goeth bigge withall £20 at 21. To sister Barbara £20 to be 
paid when monies due to me at Windsor for worke done shall be 
received To Mr. John Young & his wife 20s. apeece for rings. 
To Henry Paman 20s. & to his wife 10s. To my wife's 4 
brothers 20s. each To my owne 2 brothers, Thomas & Charles 
20s. apeece. To wife (not named, probate to relict Elizabeth in Act 
Book) lease of house with all household stuff & she Res. Leg. 
& Extrx. Mr. John Young & Mr. Henry Paman Overseers. 
Wit. : — Thomas Shadboult & Henry Squire, his mark. Pro. 
30 Oct 1661 by Extrx. May, 165. 

1664 — "John Trumble of Dumferling in the Countv of Fife in Scotland 
marriner." Dat: 10 April 1662. For the better payment and 
satisfaction of 36£, which I owe, by bond bearing date with 
these presents, unto Thomas Mustard of Stepney co. Mddx. 
mariner, and Christian his wife, I appoint the said Thomas and 
his wife my attorneys to receive all wages due tome " for my 
service at sea or land either in his Majesties Service or on mer- 
chants affaires" and all other sums of money or debts due to me 
&c. &c. &c. and I give them the residue of my goods and make 
them my ex'ors. Witness: Elizabeth More. John Wallace 
Sci. Robert Osborne. Proved March 1664 by Christian Mus- 
tard. Power reserved &c. (The testator was late of Dumferling, 
but in parts beyond sea dec'd.; "in Ireland" in Calendar.) 

P. C. C. Hyde, 28. 
1667-8 — Feb. 4 — Admon. of Barbara South wood ah. Trumball late of St. 
Anne's, Biackfryers, dec'd. granted to John Southwood the hus- 
band. Ad. Act. Bk. 
1673 — April 11. — Adraon. of John TurnbuU of Richmond, co. Surrey, 
widower, dec'd. granted to Elizabeth Mason ah. Turnbull, the 
Dauijhter. Ad. Act Bk. 
1678 — " William Trumbull the Elder of Easthampsted in the County of 
Berks Esquire." Dated 10 May 1677. To be buried in the 
chancel of East Hampstead church near the bodies of my mother, 


my wife Elizabeth, and my daughters Margarett and Dorothy, a 
tombstone being laid over them and me with an inscription men- 
tioning our ages, the time of our deaths, and the number and 
names of the children God gave unto me. " Haveing paid M^ 
Genow one Hundred pounds for my son Ralph Weckerlin ah. 
Trumbull and to his brother George Trumbull Five hundred 
pounds upon his renounceing his clayme to his uncle VVeckerlins 
estate I doe give more unto the said Ralphe one Hundred pounds, 
to my Godson his son William Twenty pounds, And alsoe to each 
of his Children living at my decease Tenn pounds." To my 
daughter Bridges, 20£, for a ring, and to her husband John 
Bridges esq: 1 0£, and to each of their children 10£. "To my 
Daughter {at)* Samares Twenty pounds. To her husband Philip 
Mareqs Esquire Ten pounds. To their daughter Deborah 
Twenty pounds." To my Son George 50£, to my Son Charles 
100£. To my daughter Anne 20£. Poor of Easthampstead, 
Winckfeild, and Wokingham. I make my eldest son William 
Trumbull, Doctor of Laws, my sole ex'or. I give the residue 
of my estate, real & personal, to my said son and ex'or. he suffer- 
ing my wife Mary, during her life, to have the use of a moiety 
of my household goods, plate &c. I except out of the said 
goods all my books, papers, and deeds which I give to my said 
ex'or. To my said ex^or's wife I give 10£ for a ring. Witness 
Ro: Stubbs. William Marriott. Proved 14 Dec. 1678 by Wil- 
liam Trumbull LLD. ex^or. Reeve, 146. 

1689 — Dec. 13 — Admon. of James Townsendlate in the " Rochester" in the 
East Indies, bachelor, dec'd, granted to Elizabeth Trumbull ah. 
Townsend, (wife of Thomas Trumbull) the mother. 

Ad. Act Bk. fo. 215. 

1689 — Dec. 13 — Admon. of George Trumbull late in the " Rochester" in 
the East Indies, bachelor, dec'd, granted to Thomas Trumbull 
the father. Ad. Act Bk. fo. 215. 

1690 — "John Turnbull of Wapping in the County of Midd'x maryner" 
Dat: 23 Dec. 1689. I make and constitute Elinoar Ramsey, wife 
of John Ramsey of the Said place, mariner, my attorney to re- 
ceive all wages and prize money which shall be due to me — 
and I make her my universal legatee and sole extrix. Witness 
Paull luiihs., Wm. Daintrey servant to In^: Marlar, scrivener. 
Proved 26 Feb. 1690 by extrix. Vere, 32. 

1691 — Nov. 13 — Admon. of John Trumble, late of Gateshead but on the 
queen's ship the Stirling Castle dec'd., granted to Peter Pinder 
Attorney for Aima Trumble, widow, now at Gateshead in the 
Bishopric of Durham, the relict. Adm. Act Book., fo. 207. 

1695 — Mar. 13 — Admon. of James Trumble late in king's ship dread- 
nought, bachelor, dec'd., granted to Cuthbert Cotesworth, Attor- 
ney for Thomas Trumble, now of Sunderland in co. Durham 
(modo apud Sunderland in Com. Dunelmen) the father. 

Ad. Act Bk. fo. 51. 

1695 — Patrick Turnbull now belonging to their Majesties Shipp Mary 
Galley. Dat: 10 Oct. 1693. I make John Turnball of London, 
my brother, my attorney, universal legatee and exor. Witness : — 
Rich: Griffiths, John Aldred Liev: and Nath : Perrott. Proved 
8 Oct. 1695 by John Turnbull the brother & Exor. Irby, 162. 

* See her marriage allegation in 1672. 


1698 — Jan. 28 — Adraon. of Matthew Trumbull late in the queen's ship the 
Blackwall dec'd., granted to Alice Trumbull the relict. 

Ad. Act Bli., fo. 9. 

1699 — James Trumball of the parish of Stepney in the County of Mddx., 
mariner. Dat: 4 Dec. 1697. I make ray trusty friend William 
JMackwilliara of the same parish, mariner, my attorney, universal 
legatee, and exor. Witness: — Benj. Herring. Wm. Page. not. 
publ. Proved 2 Nov. 1699 by exor. Pett, 182. 

1702— Nov. 28— Admon. of Thomas Tiumbell of Albrough, co Suff., but 
in royal ship "Berwick" deed., granted to Elizabeth Tiumbell, 
the relict. Ad. Act. Bk. 

Commissary Court of London, 1558 to 1638. 

1610 — Jan. 25 — Admon. of Edward Trumble late of parish of white- 
chapple in co. Middx., but dec'd. intestate, granted to Clement 
Kirck, a Creditor as asserted {vni Creditorm vt asseretur). 

Act Book, fo. 124. 

1614 — July 27 — Admon. of Robert Trumble late of parish of Stepney in 
CO. Middx., but dec'd. intestate, granted to relict Judith Trumble.* 

Act Book fo. 204. 

1663— May 13, 1663t— Admon. with Will annexed of Tliomas Trum- 
ball late of St. Annes, Blackfriers, London, was granted to 
Samuel Trumball, son of the dec'd. Act Book. 

Archdeaconry of London, 1564 to 1666. 

1590— Aug. 5— Probate on Will of William Trombell, late of St. Botolph 
without Algate, granted to Agues Trombell, Relict & Extrx. 

Act Book fo. 45. 

Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's, 1535 to 1672. 

1664— Dec. 1— Probate on Will of Mary Trumball of St. Giles without 
Cripplegate, Loudon, widow, granted to Mary Wagstatfe, P^xtrx. 

Act Book fo. 31. 

1670 — Feb. 3 — Admon. of James Thrumball of precinct of Purpoole, 
parish of St. Audrewes, Holborn, granted to widow Elizabeth. 
Inv. 38^^-5^-4'^. Act Book fo. 73. 

Archdeaconry of Middlesex Calendars, 1660 to 1709. 

1668— Trumball, Samuel Test. Act Book fo. 20. 

1681 — Turnebull, Thomae Adm. papers 

1686 — Trumball, Alexander Testm Feb. 

1698— Turnbull aVs Trumbull, Robert! Testm. 
— Turnbull aVs Grundie, Jana Adm^ 

Dean and Chapter of Westminster Calendars, 1504 to 1700. 

1666— Trumble, Richard Apr. (filed) ^ Act Book fo. 86. 

will reg. 191 Smith 

* See baptism of his children in Stepney Parish Registers, 
t Thlh is 1660 in Calendar. 


Archdeaconry of Essex, 1400 to 1652. 

1578 — Robart Tromble of Chaundwell, co. Essex, sicke in bodie. Dated 
xxij June 1578. To be buried in church of Chaundwell. To 
poor of same place xx^ For a sermon at burial v^ To servant 
Jane Smyth xx^ To Thomas Tromble my brother his sonne 
xxij^^ To my Maister Richarde Pitches children v^ apece. My 
wief Elizabeth sole E)xtrx. Friends Richard pitche, John Hol- 
land & John Gryffin Overseers & to them v^ apeece. Wit. : — 
Richard Pitche thelder, John Holland, John Gryffin & Thomas 
sheppard. No date probate. Reg. Brewer, 127. 

1619 — Admon. of Maria Trombell, of Duddinghurst, dec'd., granted May 
13 at Haddow Magna to Catherine Trombell aVs Stanger or Strin- 
ger (in later entry)* sister of the dec'd. (Not in Calendar.) 

Act Book fo. 1. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, 1444 to 1650. 

1649 — George Turnbull of Easton, co. Suffolk, Clarke,t in perfect health. 
Dated 20 Nov., 24 Chas., 1648. To my wife Mary two mes- 
suages in Bucklersbury in the citty of London, called the Hande in 
Hande and the Tun, now in occupacion of Humphrey Richards 
by lease dated 6 July 1646, for her life, with rem. to my 
daughter Marye & her heirs, rem. to my sonn Richard Turnbull 
& his heirs, & to said wife an annuity of £7-10-0. To dau. 
Marye £40 at 21 years. To Nicholas Dyerth, sonn of my former 
wife 40^ To poor of Easton 40^ To servant at my death 10^ If 
wife dye friends wolfran Dowsing & willm Godbould of Easton, 
gent., to haue disposing of daughter's £40. Wife Res. l^^g. & 
Extrx. Wit.: — Willm Godbold, Raynold Day & Tho: Bately his 
mark. Pro. 29 Mar. 1649 by Extrx. Filed N° 72. 

1655 — William Kinge of Ipswich, co Suffolk, Shipcarpenter,t aged & full 
of dales. Dated 30 Mar., sealed 9 Apr. 1665. Bound on a voy- 
age to sea. My two grandchildren William & Thomas Sandwell 
Exors. ; Niece Elizabeth Hichman, widow. ; Grandchildren Wil- 
liam, Thomas, Mary, John, Joseph & Jeremy Sandwell, being 
sonns & daughters of sonn in law Sandwell & his wife deceased; 
Grandchildren the children of sonn in law Thrumble & his wife, 
now living in New P^ngland; ]\Iy loving sonn in law John 
Thrumble, now residing in New England, Supervisor. No pro- 
bate act. Filed, N° 124. 

Register of St. Dunstan's, Stepney. Baptisms, 1568 to 1637. 

1595 — Nov. 2 — Robert, sone of Robert Trumble of wapping. 

1596 — Nov. 17 — Heugh sone of Robert Trumble of wapping 

1598 — June 18 — Sara daughter of Roberte Trumble of Wapping 

1600 — May 4 — Jone daughter of Robert Trumble of wapping sailler 

1601 — Oct. 7 — Mary daughter of Robert Trumble of wappinge 

1602 — Mar. 20 — John sonn of Robert Trumble of Wappinge 

* See her marriage allegation in 1614. 

t This was the only Trumbull found in the Calendars, which are, however, very defec- 

X For the abstract of this most valuable will I have to thank my esteemed friend, Mr. 
H. F. Waters. 


1604 — May 6 — Augustine sonn of Robert Trumble of wappinge mariner 
1605 — Sept. 27 — Mary daughter of Roberte Trumble of wappinge sailler 
1608 — Sept. 25 — John sonn of Robert Trumble of wappinge mariner 

1620 — Jan. 14 — Samuell sonn of John Trumble Ratciifle Highway, 

Shipwright, & Rebecca his wyfe baptized beit)g 6 days old. 
1623 — Jan. 2b — VVilliam sonn of John Trumble of ratclifEe, shipwright, & 

Rebecca his wife. 

1616 — Inquisition Post Mortem of Edmund Nutt, 25 Nov. 14 Jac, part 1 
N^ 8. Edmund Cutteris, Michael Cater (sic in MS.) & Margaret 
his wife, & John Trumble & Agnes his wife, have right in mes- 
suages &c in Barton Magna, co. Suffolk, late of Edmund Nutt 

Brit. Mus. Add MS. 33866, fo. 48. 

Chancery Proceedings. — Bills and Answers. — Jas. I. and Chas. I., 

1603 TO 1649. 

1604— Trumbull contra Gippes— B. & A. T. 3, 62. 

Emm Trumbull of London widdowe of Emanuell Trumbull who be- 
ing indebted 1 June 39 Eliz. to George Gippes* Citizen & ffish- 
motiger of London, thirty pounds, gave recognizance penal in the 
some of three skore pounds for payment. Said Emanuell had 
shopp &c in the parish of St. Magnus in Newe ffish strete, Lon- 
don, of the value of tenn pounds by the yere. By his last will he 
bequeathed it to Complainant and did make her sole executrix. 
Complaynant hath instantly laboured with Gipps for the redemp- 
tion thereof and is ready to paie the money that remayneth vnpaid 
of the said threeskore pounds and reasonable costs. But Gipps 
doth threaten and pretend to take the whole benefy tt and advantage 
of said premises att the rate of ffower pounds g aim. 
Gipp's Answer. — The money was lent about fFourtenne yeares ago 
by one Cibill Chelsam late of London, widdowet sister to said 
Enuumell Trumbull. He gave her. an obligation 28 Jan^ 32^ 
Elizabeth. This doth belong vnto Edward Chelesham, Cibill 
Chelesham and Elizabeth Chelesham, the sonne & daughters of 

said Cibill Motherlesse Orphants by one Cibill Hall, 

grandmother to said Cibill Chelesham,^ who haue suffered much 
wronge both by said E)raanuell Trumbull, Complaynants husband 
and by CompP herselfe. By Defendants good meanes, beinge 
vnckle to said Orphants, satisfaction of debt due to said Orphants 
- ( Part of the document is here defaced and gone.) 

1604— Trumbull contra Edmonds— B. & A. T. 3, 62. 

Emm Trumbull of London wydowe of Emanuell Trumbull for her 
selfe and on behalf of her daughter Mary Trumbull. John 
Edmonds in his lief tyme in his fatherlie care towards yo"^ Oratrix 
did bequeath to said Orr^ fifty pounds, said Edmond being her 
late father, not to come into the hands of her husband but for the 

* George Gippes, I am informed by my friend Dr. J. J. Muskett, who is thoroughly 
conversant witli the families of Suffolk, was a native of that county and had relations living 

t See Marr. Al. of William Chelsam, gent., and Sibill Turnbull, 1579, and George Gippes 
and Elizabeth Tiirnebull, 1587. 

+ This is an error; iier name was Elizabeth Hall, daughter of Edward Hall and wife of 
Thomas Trumbull, citizen and fishmonger, of St. Botolphs, Billingsgate. 


vse of her selfe and children in case of necessitie — it being in 
trustees hands and bringing four pounds interest yearly. He 
made will 12 Jan^ 1598. He had messuages and tenements in 
St Dunstan's in the East by lease of the ffishmongers company. 
Said Emanuell died last Michaelmas. Executors refuse to pay 
the money. He had also, 14 June 42 Eliz'^, four tenements in 
Little Holland, co. Essex, bringing twenty pounds g ann. He 
borrowed mone of one George Turfelt and gave bonds. Said 
Rich*^ Edmonds"* pursuaded him to convey messuages to him as he 
could not pay, pleading affection of a brother (as he was to yo"^ 
Oratrix). Oratrix offers to pay: he refuses to return the bonds. 
Defendant's reply. — John Edmonds was of the Misterye of ffish- 
mongers of the Cittye of London. He demised said messuages 
to one William Beale, and made Henry Edmonds and Richard 
Edmonds, theis defendants, his Ex*^^^ A mere legacy should be 
sued for in the Ecclesiasticall Courts and not in this honorable 
Courte. CompP is in decayed estate and greatlye indebted : so 
as if Defendts shoulde delyver vnto her said fifty pounds it should 
be vtterly wasted. It was not for all her children : twenty 
pounds were also bequeathed to Mary Trumbull her daughter. 
They will willingly pay these sums to suche psons as this Courte 
shall awarde. Trumbull was much indebted to this Def*^ and 
made default of payment. John Edmonds left the money to 
Richard Edmonds and not at all to the said children.! 

* Sic. — It is the first mention of his name. 

t These are the only instances of the name of Trumbull in this court during the period